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Vemy Quartz Surface Creates Another Big Success.

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Under the Corona Virus Trend, Vemy Quartz Surface Creates Another Big Success.
In the artificial quartz slab industry, the color and quality of the products determine whether the company can win a leading position in the building materials market.Our Boss Mr.  Lin said that persisting in developing R&D innovation is an unchanging strategy of our company. Vemy Building Materials invests about 6 million yuan in research and development funds every year, and the average age of 18 people in the research and development department is about 25 years old. Today, the company's artificial quartz stone slabs have more than 1,000 kinds of colors and patterns, which are at the middle and upper level in the industry.
Orders began to surge in July and August, and total sales from January to October increased by 57% year-on-year.
Behind the high-growth data, what deserves more attention is the uninterrupted strategic determination of R&D and innovation in the most difficult times. During those two months, the R&D department of Vemy Building Materials made full use of this relative leisure time to increase product research and development efforts, and finally launched 26 new designs, equivalent to the research and development volume of the previous year, and at the same time drove the growth of orders 15%.
Change is the norm. Taking a long-term view, advancing with the times, and changing with the times should become a strategic concept.
The development of an enterprise is a development in the domestic and international environment and the tide of the times. Unpredictable or possibly foreseeable events and factors such as "black swan" and "gray rhino" will bring uncertainty. Can't and don't be afraid and avoid changes, but take the initiative to embrace and respond to changes.


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